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Silly question about tyre pressures

TrekTomTrekTom Posts: 45
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OK I'm brand new to road biking so please excuse the ignorance.

My bike tyre is pumped to about 100 psi. I am from a MTB world where tyre pressures are onviously much lower.

I can push my thumb down on my road bike tyre and it feels like there is a bit of play there even at 100 psi. i would expect thetyre to feel rock hard?

Any help on what pressure I should be running at and also if I shouldn;t be able to push my thumb down on the tyre, could it be a faulty valve (I've checked for punctures and there aren't any)?
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  • le_grimpeurle_grimpeur Posts: 135
    I run mine at 115psi. There is a trade off between, rolling resistance, puncture resistance and comfort. In other words, its speed and peace of mind against comfort.

    Do check your tyres regularly. I check mine before each ride - and do check your tyres after each ride for any cuts and or gravel.

    This from Halfords
    Road bike tyre pressures vary and some modern racing tyres require up to 130 PSI.

    Over-inflated bike tyres are as bad as under-inflated ones because too much air will make the ride uncomfortable and can result in the bike tyre losing a dangerous amount of traction over uneven surfaces.

    Under-inflated bike tyres don't corner well at speed. They are also prone to 'pinch' punctures, when the inner tube is pinched between the tyre and rim.
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  • volvicsparvolvicspar Posts: 208
    Is your gauge right ? Assuming your running 23's 100psi should e pretty hard
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    You shouldn't expect the tyre to be rock hard - there will be a bit of give. How much is hard to describe, but mine are sitting behind me now with a handy track pump alongside - they're both at 105psi and although very firm, there's a bit of give when I press firmly with my thumb, about an eighth of an inch I'd guess if pushed. Not much, just a bit.
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