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My Custom Cube LTD PRO

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 814
edited April 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Finally started work on my 2009 Cube LTD PRO. I bought the bike in Feb of this year, the idea is that it will be versatile enuogh for my daily 10 mile commute but strong enough for some XC at the weekend.

There were some issues that I wanted to address, hence the following upgrades:

ROCK SHOX RECON 351 U TURN 85-130mm:
I upgraded from the stock Tora SL's as they did not offer quite as much travel as I wanted. The new forks will eventually be set at 115mm which is the best overall travel considering the XC nature of the frame. I have not had chance to do this yet as I only fitted them this morning.

The stock bike came with crappy plastic pedals that you would find on a £50 Apollo bike from argos which I think is a bit cheap considering the bike cost me £775 The new pedals are great all rounders, I cannot stand SPD's!

I have on order a FSA Carbon seatpost, riser bars and a SLX chainset to work best with the XT rear mech. Will hopefully be getting some XT shifters very soon as well.

Let me know what you think!

You can see the pics here:


  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    Not too keen on the pedals, don't really match the bike! Plus I'm not sure I'd have changed the travel. 15mm shouldn't be too bad, although could still cause problems, but I'd never dream of running it at 130. You'll have probably invalidated your frame warranty.
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 814
    Yeah the forks are still at teh 130mm height which is far to much, They will very soon be dropped to 110 - 115mm.

    I spoke to Cube prior to fiiting the forks and they have provided me with a email notification to confirm that the frame warranty is unaffected as the forks were on their 'approved' list as long as I have them serviced / repaired at a Cube approved retailer!

    The old 100mm forks bottomed out all the time. I am not the smallest bloke (200lbs) but it was a massive prob.

    hope fully 110-115mm should be a happy comprimise.

  • Chaz.HardingChaz.Harding Posts: 3,144
    Is that the 'small' frame size? Looks tiny!

    But very nice, specially at that price bracket. Looks like you got a dealio there matey!

    Good work 8)
    Boo-yah mofo
    Sick to the power of rad
    Fix it 'till it's broke
  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394
    I do love the Cube bikes, like all of them, they all look great.

    I dont really care about the pedals but I'm sure they come in Ox Blood which would match better. Obviously its hardly a real issue.

    Cracking ride.
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