Vertical gain?

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On the Box Hill Challenge (127m ascent, ave gradient 5% and max 10%) hotshots are achieving nearly 1200 vertical metres per hour.

What would a top pro achieve on Box Hill?

How does the gradient of BH compare with say Alpe d' Huez and what climbing rates do the pros achieve on these long climbs?

Looking forward to the TdF (from my sofa) BTW which channel this yr? I think I read ITV4.
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    To Kingston Wheeler: many thanks for the useful resource and info generally
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    There are various records and measuring distances, but taking Pantani's "record" of 23.08kph and multiplying by an average grade of 7.9% we get:

    23.08 * 0.079 =~ 1820 VAM/hour.
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    The numers you guys quote are for long climbs... on a short one like that I assume a good PRO can easilty go over 2000 mt/h

    To give you an example,

    I do 1020 mt/h on 3 miles at 5%, but

    Only 920 on 7 miles at 6.5% (Oropa, Italy) and finally

    820 on 10 miles at 7.5% (Col Tzecore, Italy)

    So it's a rather tricky one to predict for a short burst like Box Hill...
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    Alpe d'Huez obliges you to use something like 39x23.

    I'd have been very happy to be able to ride a 39x23 up ADH :~) By the time I reached it on the Marmotte 34x25 was only just enough.