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Touring in NW Spain

alp777alp777 Posts: 211
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Have a 3 week tour planned in early July around NW Spain and up into the Pyrenees.

Having toured France extensively, i know that you are pretty much gauranteed to a find a campsite at the end of the day.

My i going to struggle finding campsites in NW Spain? I am aware that you can camp wild in Spain, within reason, but would prefer to overnight at a campsite.

I am starting off from Santander, then heading NE towards the Pyrennes.

Thanks in advance.


  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    There are lots of them if you stick to the coast, between Santander and Irun. Not so many inland.
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    This site seems quite comprehensive, I have the official camping guide (from 2007) and it seems to have around the same volume:

    Just checked my Rough Guide Map to Northern Spain and it seems to have the campsites reasonably well marked as well, would give you a good overview route-wise. I would certainly recommend this map, £6, covers the entire area with as much detail as most of the other maps and is non-rip plastic.

    I cycled the northern coast back in 1999 and there were campsites everywhere, no problems at all. Went back in 2007 to do the Camino Frances, brought a tent but only got to use it once. Not so many inland (but plenty of refugios if you are headed the right direction :))
  • alp777alp777 Posts: 211
    Thanks for the info blorg :)
  • plenty of campsites in North West Spain and all very clean and well priced. between 9 - 15 euros a night. Many locals will let you camp in fields too and parks in small villages work well just for the night.

    here are some pics from my trip last a few weeks back. ... 762598453/

    make sure to take in the cider in Asturias! The legs love it!

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  • alp777alp777 Posts: 211
    Thanks for the info. Tom, stunning photos as well, can't wait to try the cider!
  • hisokahisoka Posts: 575
    Awesome photos there, that's getting me even more excited about my tour coming up in three weeks! :D
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    There are a lot of campsites (we used them on the way to Santiago). A couple of comments:

    1. The Spanish love camping so at weekends we found sites very crowded (we were turned away from one because it was declared completely full).
    2. The Spanish are allergic to peace and quiet so we found all sites very noisy for most of the night. Ok if you are feeling festive, but between 130km rides in 45 degree heat, undisturbed sleep is quite precious. We did, however, hear (three times!) an apparently hilarious shaggy dog story in Spanish with a punchline involving a hyena. Go on, Jorge! Tell it again! It's only 3am!

    Enjoy your trip, though, sounds great!

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