My mate is in great pain, due to cycling.

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He's a newbie to cycling, and is loving it.
But as soon as we put some distance in, his right hand, arm, and then shoulder become very painful.

I've not noticed anything obviously wrong about his riding style/setup. It would have to be obvious for me to notice.
He alternates between hoods and drops quite a bit (certainly more than me).

Historically hes broken his left arm and collarbone, unnervingly he said a 'few times', and does favour his right side.

Any advise.


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    Is this a constant pain ie. off the bike as well as on or just when he's riding?

    If it is just when he is riding could be too much pressue being placed on the hand, maybe carpal tunnel syndrome Does he wear padded gloves, has cushioned handlebar tape?

    If it is a constant pain it could be nerve ending damage in the shoulder area, if so see a doctor asap.
  • He might need some physio/osteo assistance. I've been seeing an osteo for a little while and it has helped enourmously with my overall posture and has evened me up amazingly well. I didn't realise it but I always leaned to my right side, my shoulders weren't level on standing straight, my hips were tilted and my spine was wonky!

    Apart from that, i was fine!

    Seriously, he has done me wonders and I feel a lot, lot better. Consequently, my cycling has improved and it feels much easier to reach for the handlebars - so much so that I am considering getting a bike that has more of a reach to it than my current one.

    Good luck to him.
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    I get a similar problem with my left elbow which is pinned, I just have to ensure I relax the grip as much as possible, but on our roads it will ache at some point.
    It may also be due to his set up of the bike if he is being pushed too far forward forcing more weight on hands and arms.
    He may also just be to tense on the bars holding too tight. This happens a lot with new riders on the track and you can see the front wheel wobble at times :D
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    Thanks for the tips, everybody.
    He's in pain/ache on and off the bike after a decent ride out.
    He has gel gloves, I'm not too sure about his bar tape, but he's on an entry level Boardman, which I doubt is the most comfy.
    I'll certainly pass on the advise, who knows he might even pop up and explain for himself!.
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    I had physio for several months on my shoulder after an accident about five years ago. The physio told me a lot of shoulder injuries especially on the collarbone struggle to heal fully. It pains me to admit it but my shoulder (even with as much physio as needed) will never be 100%. Somethig to do with it being difficult to get at, to break the scar issue down? Recently my shoulder 'clicked' and like your mate my shoulder has started cause me quite a bit of aggro with pins & needles in both arms?
    Am going back for physio again as its the only way to sort it out. I say get your mate to the physio asap, especailly with his track record! It's suprising how much they can help - even after a few sessions.
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