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A few of weeks ago I had a sprained wrist and tendonitus apparently, it feels like my whole hand locks when I tense and try grip things and hurts extremely bad, eventually it was so bad I couldn't even pick things up. So a week later and a wrist splint it was better.

So last night, I picked something up and got the same painful sensation, today it seems to be worse. So I ring up the GP practice and ask them what to do, they told me to go to the minor injuries unit who originally dealt with me, Which luckily I'm doing a nursing placement at the same hospital, she they ask the nurse who originally treated me and she said put the splint back on and go to my GP as it's a recurring problem. Now the GP's aren't answering the phone.

My problem is that if I wear the splint I can't do my uni placement, but is a wrist splint gonna do much for tendonitus that seems to be affecting my fingers more than wrist.

Anyway, long story short I was wondering if anyone has had it before and any tips on ways to ease it.


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    I had tendonitis in my shoulder years back. Went to a few doctors to try and get it sorted. One told me to take up swimming, I was a powerlifter at the time one gave me anti inflamitarys(?). Eventually went to a sports clinic and was diagnosed within 5 mins, was then given about 5 sessions of physio, deep fiber massage and hey presto, cured. So really the best thing to do is go to a doc or physio that specialises in sports injuries.
  • KittyKitty Posts: 2,844
    Seems to be ok on and off, when I'm not working I've been wearing wrist splints and resting them, but if I do a lot the pain comes back.
  • physiostevephysiosteve Posts: 194
    Hey Kitty
    Injury Clinic:-
    1. Where is the pain...?
    2. Do u get any tingling or numbness...?
    3. when u say it comes and goes, if its bad when u grip is it then bad for few hrs, or like u grip it hurts then u grip again and its okay...?
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  • KittyKitty Posts: 2,844
    1. The pain is in the top of my hand if that makes sense and sometimes wrist.
    2. In the past I did get tingling and numbness but not this time around.
    3. When I say it comes and goes, it starts after over use, or sometimes just randomly, and at first its just when I grip, but then if I don't rest which ever hand it is then it goes to a more aching constantly on top of the pain from gripping.
  • physiostevephysiosteve Posts: 194
    Well its a fair bet that the pain, weakness, and especially the numbness/tingling you have described are nerve related.
    It have to try and determine whether they are secondary to compression on the nerve for long periods, or due to over stretching of the nerves due to not enough slide glide in the system.

    Compression could be caused by ulna nerve compression when cycling at the base of the hand on the little finger side - classicaly this would only effect little finger, ring finger and half of middle, obviously this wud be more marked when cycling.

    Other causes related to compression could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, due to a tendonitis type condition at the wrist where swelling in a tight space compresses the median nerve leading to feelings of a numb, weak sometimes puffy hand. Test put backs of hands together and flex wrist fully for 30 secs

    or higher up the chain at your neck. Genltly take your neck through full range and see if it worsens symptoms.

    More complicated for you to assess is the overstretched nervous system, where through poor posture, neck pathology or scar tissue in the systyem your nevers dont glide very well when you move. This would obviously need a physio to assess and treat.

    PS If u ride a lot and this makes it worse you really have gotta look at riding position first though
    Couple of 5 spots, a hummer and a handjob.....
  • KittyKitty Posts: 2,844
    I don't ride a lot. I do have bad posture as my spine is curved naturally so I can't stand up straight.

    Seems to be getting better from resting and heat so may just continue and hope it gradually goes away completely.
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