First Commute... Loved it!!!

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Hello guys,

Done my 1st commute this morn after getting my bike just before the easter hols... really, really enjoyed it - didnt realise what i'd been missing out on in my bloody car!

Im priveliged to live on the Wirral, just by the coast so I can ride to Moreton shore and along the sea wall to New Brighton - and avoid the sand traps by going on a short off-road trail behind the sea wall, for a little bit aswell.

Beatiful, beautiful morning it was, and a very relaxing way to get into work, was in much earlier so I could get showered and changed in work, the caretaker is gonna cut me a key for 1 of the boiler rooms aswell so I can lock it up away from the kids prying eyes. Sweet as!

Will post some pics of the run, when I get chance to take some - prob on the way home tonight tho. I really am wondering aswell if there is a nicer commute in the country???

Cheers guys



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    You haven't lived until you've inhaled the smoke from 25 motorbikes and 43 taxis on the way to work!

    Seriously though good work, keep it up all year round.

    If you ever have a doubt when you're lying in bed in the morning, just ask yourself...."Have you ever regretted riding into work?"

    The answer will be no, even in the rain, if you're properly prepared you'll have a great time

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    paulfitz wrote:
    Hello guys, <choppity chop>
    I really am wondering aswell if there is a nicer commute in the country???

    Cheers guys


    Sorry Paul; it's down here through the back lanes of Bucks. No traffic, proper little villages with oddball names, views to admire virtually all the way home, sheep aplenty and for occasional amusement some numpty who's put his car in a ditch and is trying to explain to Plod how & why... Seen three of those this year. :)
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    Stopped to take a couple of piccies of the commute on the way home... Chris, I think you may well change your mind mate... 8)




    Probably not many people in the country that say they commute along the coast. Just startin to realise how much i've taken this location for granted in the past. Beautiful innit...
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    Pah! to your fresh country air and your coastal views which stretch for miles. Embankment is the best commute in the world. You heard it here. :)

    And I see that you're riding a MTB. You need to sort that. Everyone knows that road bikes are the best things in the world (better than sliced bread even). :wink:

    Welcome! :)
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