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Apple Green Brompton S3L - Twickenham

YahraasYahraas Posts: 9
edited May 2009 in Road stolen
Saturday 18th. I nipped into a Twickenham cafe for breakfast. It was busy so I locked the bike up to a post at 11:30. By the time I emerged at 12:00 it had gone. No trace at all, even the lock was gone.

I would like to get it back but am not holding out. I can't imagine the knock-off value would be very much so I'm officially posting a reward of £150 for its return.

Call me on 07775 774 299. Confidence guaranteed - I stand by my word.


  • YahraasYahraas Posts: 9
    Hi, thatnks for the pointer but this is not my bike. Mine was completely green with standard tyres. However,I have since replaced it with a green/black version like this.

    I don't think I'll see my little green machine again.

    I now lock the new one up wherever I go. Under the pub table, on the train and never leave it on the street. I am Mr Paranoid.
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