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New Bike - Bianchi



  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    Via Nirone = the bike I couldn't afford = me jealous.

    Next time... next time...
    Today is a good day to ride
  • DonDaddyDDonDaddyD Posts: 12,689
    I keep seeing this thread do you know how much I love Bianchi's...

    I want to see a picture of the bike!!!
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    A true scalp is not only overtaking someone but leaving them stopped at a set of lights. As you, who have clearly beaten the lights, pummels nothing but the open air ahead. ~ 'DondaddyD'. Player of the Unspoken Game
  • Stuey01Stuey01 Posts: 1,273
    Poor quality iphone pic, and it is the wrong way around but this will have to do.

    It is a pretty thing :)


    edit, this should be a more viewable size...
    Not climber, not sprinter, not rouleur
  • Stuey01Stuey01 Posts: 1,273
    Much easier with gears that work... :D

    New PB this morning, and I got stuck at every lights. Didn't get scalped and took a couple of other roadies myself (one in shades and lycra so had a lower FCN :twisted: )
    Not climber, not sprinter, not rouleur
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