Problem with Cateye wireless Strada

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This post is for those of you currently using the Cateye wireless Strada, I need your feedback please. I recently purchased this computer from Wiggle and have noticed that the (Tm) time elapsed function & Trip distance 1, occasionally reset themselves back to zero and then start to record the data all over again...without me touching the computer. This can happen at any time during a journey....very frustrating, however, the trip distance 2 function retains the correct mileage data.

This is my second wireless strada from wiggle, the first one which I purchased last month, also developed this problem and wiggle kindly replaced it and now this one is also displaying the same problem. Before I return it to wiggle and request a refund has anybody else had this problem and if so did you find a remedy for it?


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    Broight mine from Wiggle too, haven't experienced your problem, mines fine, maybe something pressing the button down to reset it. Possibly check the attachement again.
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    The strada has one big button that you use to change modes and also to reset trip1, time elapsed etc (also average speed?). If you hold the button down for 2 or 3 seconds in one of these modes I think it resets all of them. It sounds like this reset is being triggered without you pressing and holding the button.

    You say that this happens without you touching the computer, so it's not when you are changing modes or anything, i.e. you are not holding the button down for too long by accident?

    Does the computer ever change modes without you pressing the button too?

    The design of the computer is unusual in that the "real" button that controls these functions is underneath the computer - when you press the "button" area on the top, this actually pushes the body of the computer against the mounting bracket so that the button on the bottom is activated. My guess is that something to do with the way you have mounted the computer could be causing the button underneath to be activated by mistake, e.g. if the mounting bracket is attached too tightly so that its shape is distorted. I noticed when I first mounted mine that if you attach the bracket too tightly the computer can be difficult to get on and off and the button action feels less positive.
  • Thanks for the feedback. In answer to your Q..yes it does change mode as I'm this not supposed to happen?
    Neeb I took on board your comments concerning the mounting of the computer and I have decided to move the mounting from the handlebar to the stem..its a much better fit. I'll let you know if this solves the problem. As a matter of interest to those of you with the wireless Strada, where do you attach yours...stem or handlebar?
  • Since my last post I have been on a couple of rides and the computer has behaved impeccably. It would seem that moving the computer from the handlebar to the stem has done the trick.

    On my bike (Dawes horizon) the diameter of the handlebar is larger than the diameter of the computer housing. This caused the housing to be pushed slightly out of shape and consequently this would be enough for the underside mode button on the computer to be inadvertently activated causing the problems.

    No such problems with the diameter of the is a perfect match for the computer.

    MORAL of this story is....attach the Strada wireless to the stem and not the handlebar!!