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Commuter winter training bike help

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Well, On the C2W scheme im allowed to spend a grand but im only allowed to spend it at halfords or Evans (which means im unable to get the Condor Fratello (pain in the censored i know)

If you were in my situation what would you guys get? It must have clearance for proper mud gaurds and a rack on the back would be a bonus.
I would do about a total of 60 miles during summer and 130 during winter (per week obviously)


  • Have you asked Halfords what they can provide? I know some people in my work got Condor through Halfords, so it would be worth asking, although I know they will no longer supply some brands they supplied last year.
    Oddly enough it worked..

    They appear to have a dedicated Cycle to work department which sources its own bikes..
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Halfords get a lot of bad press but they were fine for my C2W purchase. I got a custom build Pearson Hanzo fixed wheel and everything was fine. All I did was agree the spec with Pearsons, rang up Halfords C2W department and said what I wanted and told them I had a spec sorted with the shop. Halfords then sorted the rest.

    I also had a chat to Condor during my selection process about supplying under the Halfords C2W scheme and they said it as no problem.
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