SRAM Red Chainset

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My first post so apologies if its been asked before!! I have a Cervelo RS 2008 and have just swapped the chainset from a FSA Team Issue and fitted a SRAM Red Chainset with Sram GXP bottom bracket. The problem is there is slight play in the crank arms when moved laterally. Do i need a spacer/ washer or does the BB need facing off?

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  • Grease the spindle put the left hand crank on then tighten until the slack is gone it sounds wrong but that is the way
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    +1 on the above advice.

    Sram actually recommend taking the crank arm off if there is play, greasing the bearings and re-installing until the play is gone.

    I use Red on my bike, but it's a Trek with press-in bearings so a little different - but I have to tighten the crap out of the cranks to get them tight - WAY past Sram's recommended torque levels.

    Just (obviously) be careful in your case not to damage the BBN cups.

    I personally would tighten the arm slowly until it feels tight. Go for a ride and see if it loosens up a bit and then tighten slightly again - and it it stays tight - you're golden.
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    Hi, Thanks for the advice:)
    I have tightened up the left hand crank arm with a longer allen key, it does take some elbow grease before the slack has gone.
    John :D