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What are these pedals like for clipping in and out of in a hurry? I bought some Look Nevada S2's (old I know) and find they're terrible so looking at the Keo's now.



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    I use the look keo sprint pedals, the first pair of clipless I bought.

    I had a couple of falls when first trying them, taking the right foot out and leaning left and forgeting to unclip at traffic lights. Just the usual novice mistakes.

    I have no issues with the pedals when trying to clip out in a hurry fo example when trying to track stand at lights and not being able to hold it.I have the tension set pretty tight and use the grey cleats with a bit of float.
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    I find them very user friendly.
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    You can adjust the ease/difficulty of exit, I have no problems with them at all (Keo classics).
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    I've used them for a while with problems.
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    I have the Keo carbons, and they are the best pedals I have ever owned. Good choice of float, and very easy to clip in & out.
  • Just a word of warning - they are easy and can be adjusted for your stance, however don't walk in them for too long as they do wear. I find it best to keep the covers on me if there is any need for walking.

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    I have Keo Classics and I have no problem clipping in and clipping out. But if you've been using so called 'entry level' clipless pedals then you might find the Keo's aren’t quite as forgiving at first, but you become accustomed to them very quickly.
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    Peak Times wrote:
    Just a word of warning - they are easy and can be adjusted for your stance, however don't walk in them for too long as they do wear. I find it best to keep the covers on me if there is any need for walking.

    I know you are talking about the cleats - but he was asking about the pedals!

    But I agree with you. And I assume you're talking about the cleats with the little rubber bits on them? They wear off very quickly if you walk around in them.

    As for the pedals - I have the top of the range HM Carbon Ti Keos and they are brilliant. Easy to get in and out of and others have mentioned - you can adjust the tension to suit you.
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    I have a pair of Keo Carbon - which a mate of mine gave me as he found the clipping in and out too stiff.
    For some reason or other the adjustment was very stiff also and the small allen bolt has rounded off leaving them stuck somewhere in the mid-point. Having said that I have got used to them now and like them (they did ease off a bit with wear).
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
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    Superb pedal choice and the difference between entry level Look pedals in these is incredible, and certainly worth every penny. Surprisingly they are not that expensive relatively speaking especially given how important they are compared to say handlebars.

    The black have 0 degrees float, the grey have 4.5 and the red have 9. I would recommend the grey as that is more than sufficient unless you have seriously odd angles required for your pedals.

    Basically, put them on max float for the first ride then each ride tighten a little until you are comfortable and clip out in all instances.

    I totally agree that the cleats wear out fairly quickly if you walk on them - I found that out recently when I went to sprint and one foot came out the pedal. You can avoid this obviously by buying new cleats, but also by tightening periodically as you see them wearing down.
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    I have the normal standard Look Keo pedals with grey cleats. As a novice in 07 I had two falls within a week when I first started out on the bike. Both at slow speed. In fact one fall occured when the chain came off & I didn't realise!
    Since then not a problem. It becomes second nature and you can unclip quickly and easily anytime. I do find that when I've unclipped on very rare occasions it can be a pain get clipped back in again, (miss the pedal and it rotates) and I have to look down at what I'm doing.
    I've got a second bike on the way and will be going with KEO's again.
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