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Boardmnan Pro 08 - 12 Months in ....

DoucheDouche Posts: 134
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I've had an 08 Boardman Pro for a year now and given the conflicting opinions on Boardmans I thought Id give a little feedback on my first year of ownership.

The bike itself has been an absolute pleasure to ride. I found it light, nimble, very responsive, and has very rarely if ever come up short or let me down (mechanical failures aside).

Halfords. We all know Halfords and what they can be like but overall my experience has been reasonably good. When the bike was first collected had left a couple of bolts on the front brake loose, this rather dangerous problem aside the bike and service was okay, admittedly 4 out of 5 staff in the store didn’t know a great deal but I found the resident bike fiend and all was well again.

The only negatives with the bike has been the amount of mechanical problems requiring warranty repair. The first problem was lateral movement in the back wheel, when it first started after a few months tightening the cones eliminated the movement but it would then loosen and the movement would return even worse and quicker than before. Ultimately a new back wheel and hub was provided.

Next problem was the front brake and shock, the front wheel had about 5mm of movement back and forth when the brake was fully engaged, despite tightening everything on the brake and rotor the movement persisted (I suspect this problem may have developed due to the bolt not being properly tensioned when first purchased) For the shock I think a seal went as there was a small amount of oil leaking from the floodgate control, the bike is currently in warranty repair for these two.

I would note that Halfords never once questioned any of the faults and everything was and is being done under warranty without fuss.

Would I recommend one?? Part of me still wishes I had gone with my heart and got an Orange, but whereas I had such high expectation for an Orange it really could only have let me down, whereas lesser expectaions on the Boardman have meant only smiles all the way
I found it hard, its was hard to find, oh well whatever nevermind.

Boardman Mountain Pro
185 G3 CleanSweep Front
Cane Creek Grips/Ergo Ends


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Is a great value bike - just keep on top of the servicing and hopefully will lessen any mechanicals. I tend to check bolts and stuff before every ride, or more in depth once a week.
  • GrantyBoyGrantyBoy Posts: 166
    I'm a few months in with my '09 and its been great, find myself going for the Boardman rather than my Enduro for blasts.

    I built the bike up myself. So far no issues to report, been running sweet as a nut.
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