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Hi Guys

Firstly, I've just joined bikeradar, so hi to everyone..

This may possibly be the wrong forum for this, but here goes.

My wife bought me a mountain bike some years ago for my 40th. At the time you could only get mountain bikes unless you were willing to spend a small fortune, and we didn't have any sort of fortune at the time, so I got this one.... (a British Eagle. Are the still around?)

Anyway I've dug it out of the back of the shed and are gradually updating it and turning it into a normal road bike - road tyres, v-brakes, mudguards etc.

It has a fairly short - maybe 18" - straight handlebar which I find causes me to lean forward with my weight on my wrists, and gives me an ache between my shoulder blades

Can any of you more experienced cyclists recommend what sort of bars I should be thinking up upgrading to.




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    Perhaps you need a shorter stem, rather than new handlebars?? It sounds as if you are either overstretched on the bike, or the bars are too low in relation to the saddle. Hard to give advice without a photo, or more information.