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Boardman Road Pro Carbon

markw99markw99 Posts: 33
edited April 2009 in Road beginners
Hi, I'm looking to spend about £1500 and this seems a lot of bike for the money and it's pretty light too. I know it's perhaps not the coolest brand and you have to buy it through Halfords bikehut (good and bad stories I know). Just wondering if anyone has got one and general opinions of the bike. cheers


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    If you have £1500 to spend, I'd get the £999 boardman, and spend the other £500 on some quality wheels and perhaps upgrade the Tektro brakes.
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  • markw99markw99 Posts: 33
    Thanks, aren't the Ritchey WCS rims up to much then? and can't say I'm familiar with Tektro I guess they are on there to save money instead of fitting Sram?
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