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Lennox and Shore Tour

motherhuckermotherhucker Posts: 239
edited April 2009 in MTB general
Couple of things...just got a couple of old MBUKs back off a mate, and there was a feature in one of them about a 'Shore Tour' where some of the riders toured the UK to ride whatever northshore it has to offer.

So firstly, i only got one of those mags at the time and was wondering if a regular reader/subscriber can remember what the other locations they went to are. I have issue 192 ('06 preview) where they ride Lennox Forest.

Secondly, having been instantly impressed with the offerings at Lennox, i had a look on t'internet and it seems the place was ripped down in 2007: ... Itemid=130

So just wondering if anyone knows what the current status of this place is..???.
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