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Dangerous car drivers

John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
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This is a report I was asked to post here regarding an increasingly dangerous game played by car drivers

There is a “game” in Thirsk (and other areas) during the summer months of trying to startle/scare cyclists and presumably make them fall off. This tends to happen at weekends and summer evenings. The cyclist is overtaken by a car and the yob in the front passenger seat leans out and yells abuse as loudly as possible as close to you as possible. The idea, presumably, is to make you jump, wobble, fall off. I get this type of incident in the summer a few times a year. I’ve also seen a variant of this game with the car being driven directly at the cyclist from behind and then swerving at the last minute. This last happened to me on Saturday last week in Bagby, near Thirsk.

Apart from the fact is clearly driving without due consideration for other road users eventually somebody will get hurt.



If you cannot get the full reg you should try to get the prefix letter and some other letters/numbers? Add to this the car type and distinguishing marks (ie Corsa with alloys and big exhaust - am I right?!) Then the Police will presumably know these morons and be able to interview them hopefully under caution.


I agree. A red car reg *** *** overtook several of us at speed on Wednesday with precious room to spare from an oncoming car!

I have taken this up with Richard before and I know he has tried to get a process in place for such reporting.



With that amount of information and that many witnesses surely you should phone the police and expect a statement to be taken and the driver interviewed under caution? That sounds like careless driving to me as just a member of the road using public. If the Poilce refuse to take action despite all those witnesses than you could mount a private prosecution (or ask Richard to oversee such cases?)

Richard, what is your view?


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