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MTB races in UK? Live in Austria

AustriaVanessaAustriaVanessa Posts: 2
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I live in Austria (love it, moved 11 yrs ago). work full time, have 2 active boys and am I mad keen on MTB. I have started racing and LOVE IT!

I come to the UK once a year (this year, end July, start August) to North Yorkshire to visit my family and am kind of wondering about fitting in a quick race whilst there..probably a mad idea!

My family live near North Yorkshire Moors (Helmsley) I would have to hire a bike I guess, but I would give it a go! I believe there is MTB in "Dalby Forest"?

Any ideas?

I am also so interested to know how mtb racing is for women in uk? Is the calender full?

Hope to hear from you!

Cheers and let's keep riding!

Vanessa :D


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