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biosignature modulation

punctureboypunctureboy Posts: 217
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anyone have any experience of this? everything i've read about it on the net says its fantastic but i don't trust everything i read online.


  • Nik_BNik_B Posts: 270
    Just had a bit of a read and it basically is a fancy way to suggesting a lower carb diet and cutting out processed carbs in particular. This makes perfect sense to me. I was looking alot about low carb diets (not Atkin madness) and the effects of processed carbs on blood sugar levels. The first article I read was actually on a diabetic forum.

    This is what I have gleaned so far although I am no expert and I do know there is a guy who is studying nutrition at Uni who posts on here, so his input would be valuable.

    1) Starchy processed carbs are easily converted to glycogen in the blood in my simple way of understanding this is turning white bread, white pasta in to blood sugar very quickly.

    2) This high blood sugar then trigger very high levels of insulin production.

    3) High insulin triggers fat storage.

    4) As the insulin converts the blood sugar to fat the blood sugar levels drop and the brain gets a message that more energy is required and then you get hungry even though you may have eaten allot of calories from that big bowl of pasta.

    5) Rinse and repeat.

    From what I read in the last few minutes 'bio signature modulation' includes reducing the high tolerance our body has developed to insulin over the years.

    I think there are some very interesting points made on the website I visited however I wouldn't personally bother signing up to any kind of diet, rather just learn about nutrition.

    I am cutting out starchy or simple carbs, no more sugar in tea and trying to get my carbs from complex foods instead.
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