Are bikes ok in UK hotel rooms?

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In the US most hotels are ok with you taking your bike into your room. Is this the same in the UK?


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    I've certainly done it. I would think as long as you don't track mud up and down the hallways they are cool with it. Might depend on the 'class' of hotel and location, etc.
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    I've taken mine into Travellodge before, no probs. Wouldn't take it into a decent hotel though, well not a small one anyway. Although if you took the wheels off and carried the bike I can't see them complaining.

    Have stayed at a few B&B's with the bike and all of them are welcoming of bikes and normally lock them up in their garage or shed for us.
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    nun wrote:
    In the US most hotels are ok with you taking your bike into your room. Is this the same in the UK?

    You really love your bike to want to take it into your bedroom :wink:

    I would have thought it better to carry it rather than ride it down the stairs :wink:

    Most small hoteliers/ B&Bs I have visited are more than happy to accommodate your bike
    in a safe store or locked garage/store or somewhere safe out of sight of prying and hungry eyes. In France the bike gets better treatment than me. Cycling is a major conversation starter over there if not so much here as you are seen as a bit eccentric.
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    Thanks for the replies. In the US I generally stay in a motel or a chain like Best Western and they have no problem at all, but it's hit and miss with the small family owned hotels. They will usually find space in a storage room, but sometimes it takes a bit of pleading.
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    I've regularly taken bikes into my room. So long as it's clean most people/staff don't seem to mind.

    And, the one time I was challenged I was told that their objection was that they thought the tyres may mark the carpets. I politely reminded them that they were the same as wheelchair tyres and I doubted if they'd ban them. That worked a treat.
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    I have never had a problem, I carry a nice polytheyne sheet that I put on the floor to aoid any dirty marks.

    I only onece got refused by a hotel manager in south wales but after he went off duty the receptionist came and knocked on my door and said it was ok now as he had gone home and was a complete t0sser!!
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    Hmm. 10 year old thread resurrection. I ain't clicking on the link newbie with the dubious grammar includes...🤔
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    Missed the dodgy link - but you can get a lycra style bike sock to put a bike in if you think you may have difficulties. About £15 - £20