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South of France/Alps, suggestions for solo cyclist

pat_hpat_h Posts: 34
edited April 2009 in Tour & expedition
Hi, i'm thinking of doing a weeks cycling down the south of France or in the Alps and would like some suggestions. Has anyone tried any guided tours or places where i can meet up with other cyclists? I'd prefer to do it with others to make it a bit more interesting.
thanks, Pat


  • SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
    I was looking to do something similar on my own in August. I want to get a taster of a good range of Cols over the course of maybe a week with a view to doing the Marmotte or Etape in the future. I have been recommended this place as lots of cyclists stay there so hopefully there would always be somebody around going for a ride. I spoke to one of the proprietors, they do sometimes organise rides and take people further afield in a minibus. Still I must admit that I would feel more comfortable if I was going with a group...
  • GarrigouGarrigou Posts: 145
    Gents, I'm bound to be biased cos it's how I make a living, but if you fancied riding in the Pyrenees we do all sorts of rides - groups, solo visitors who 'club together' while they're here, self-guided or routes with a support van. Whatever you fancy, really. More details at
    Hope you enjoy yourselves wherever you head to.
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