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Shin Splints

pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
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I`ve had shin splints for well over a week now. I`ve had it before but it usually clears up after a few days.

I think it was caused by driving long distance over a few days when my lower leg muscles aren`t used to it. I then played 5 a side and went biking last Thursday and Friday. By Friday night it was swollen and very grainy.

It has improved over the last week, graininess has gone and the swelling has subsided considerably but it`s still painful. Any extra treatment other than rest or should I go to the doctors?


  • BeardedDaveBeardedDave Posts: 1,977
    If in doubt, go to the doctors. Funny though, I used to get it pretty bad from playing football and running but since I got more heavily into biking and started riding more, I don't suffer hardly at all!
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  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065

    Think i`ll rest it up over the weekend, if it`s still sore on Monday doctors it is :evil:
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    i get them everytime i run....

    doesn't ahppen on the bike though :D
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  • JetlagJetlag Posts: 29
    I had shin splints for almost a year, a few years ago. It hurt to walk, let alone run.

    Total rest (or low impact sports) I'm afraid.
  • HarryJHarryJ Posts: 11
    Im dealing with shin splits right now, biking really helps.. also running up (walking down) hills helps too.
  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065

    They seem to have eased up a lot today. I don`t think I have true shin splints, it`s more muscular but shin splints is used to describe any pain in the front of the leg.

    Fingers crossed it`ll be gone in a few days.
  • sgray100474sgray100474 Posts: 117
    True shin splints are micro fractures of the shin bone and can take up to 3 months to fully repair. Olympic weightlifters tend to suffer a lot due to the constant stamping action with the feet during the lifts. Runners will get them from letting their feet slap down on the ground. Also worn runners can contribute. Remember to stretch especially AFTER exercise. As for going to a doc, I would go to a sports physio unless you can find a doc who is either an athlete or specialises in sports injurys, because most GPs havnt a clue about sport induced injuries.
  • god1406god1406 Posts: 554
    I got shin splints from doing circuit training 4 times a week.

    After doing nothing but biking, rowing and swimming for 8 weeks the pain's gone and a test-run (excuse the pun) will be done in the next week or so.

    Rest is the only answer, really... But thanks to shin splints I'm now a member of 2 rowing clubs and if anything my fitness has increased :)
  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
    Mine are okay now, couple of weeks rest and they`ve gone completely. :D
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