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London to Paris Tyre Choice

t0nyt0ny Posts: 59
edited April 2009 in Road beginners
Hi there,

I was dead set on getting some Ultremo R's for my London to Paris ride in about 5 weeks or so, but some reading has me worried these might not be OK?

Guess most of the route is going to be country roads, but obviously not all..

Are the usual candidates OK with some luck for such a ride? (Don't want something too heavy)

Conti GP4000s
Vittoria Corsa Evo CX
Ultremo R (I like the big logo on these for tart reasons!)
Pro Race 3

Or do I need something a little more robust?
Planet X Pro Carbon SL
Specialized Allez Sport


  • 18781878 Posts: 34
    I did L2P last autumn on (I think) Vitoria Rubino 23s - got away with just one puncture on the whole trip.
  • wow its a great ride. 15 of us did it 8yrs ago 2punctures between us no one had anything than regular tyres. Enjoy the ride but beware of the cobbles on the Champs Eylease!
    No one told me about that hill!!!
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