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Trail Fairies

MuddyFunsterMuddyFunster Posts: 85
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My riding buddies and I had a great ride in Kirkhill forest yesterday evening and I'd like to say a big "THANKS!" to the trail fairies that have been building some new routes in the woods. We've no idea who you are, but your efforts are greatly appreciated. Although we chose to eschew the big jumps at either end of the new trail (we're all big 'fraidy cats!), the berms and wee bomb holes are just great. And the exceedingly tight, inches wide, twisty trail through the dense plantation was a real treat - an unexpected and most welcome find for us! This is the kind of riding I enjoy most and it's pretty far removed from the sanitised experience of the official fun park; the only possible criticisim is that there simply can't be enough of it.
Here's hoping that the FC don't decide to FUBAR any of it.

Some of us would be happy to contribute to future efforts (and have in fact already made some efforts to clear out a trail on one of the recently harvested slopes); feel free to get in touch if you're interested in some extra help.


  • projectsomeprojectsome Posts: 4,478
    from one part time trail fairy, I'm sure they'd be greatful for the praise.

    nothing beats riding a trail you've helped build.

    Check with the local FC for details, they might be able to tell you repairs the trail.
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