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Skip rescue - Sturmey Archer wheels

afilthyrichafilthyrich Posts: 4
edited April 2009 in The workshop
Hello all,
I've rescued a Halfords-branded "gentleman's bicycle" (as it was no doubt described in the brochure) from a skip which I'd like to use as a pub/station hack.

It's in pretty good nick with all parts present and seemingly in good working order with the exception of the wheels which are bent beyond repair.

My first thought was to buy a pair of 26" cheapo wheels from Decathlon but my beast has a Sturmey Archer AW on the back so is narrower than a modern MTB hub.

Any suggestions as to a solution to my problem? I'm thinking rebuilding the wheel with a new rim and spokes (never built a wheel before but have time and patience), looking in skips for another bike with good wheels but a broken frame or just slinging the thing back where it came from.

Prime requirment is for solution to be very cheap or my skip-economy will be wasted!



  • MacBludgeonMacBludgeon Posts: 101
    could get a wheel built around the AW, but don't sditch the AW, they sell pretty well on e-bay, even really old ones.
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