Bike Dilemna!

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Right here goes,

signed myself up for my first triathlon, the London one in August. Need to get myself a road bike. Been to near enough every bike shop that my area has to offer!

Did originally like the Trek 1.2 and the Merida 880 until found out the Merida is sold out. Been shown the Specialized Allez 18 as a replacement for the Merida but not sure on the look of it.

Budget was originally around £500, but looking like its ever increasing. Will probably limit this to £650.

With this new budget ive have seen the Cube Aerial and Trek 1.5, now again the Trek looks a little better than the Cube in my eyes, but the spec on the Cube looks a lot better.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this or reccomends a good first road bike for around my price range??

Any help much appreciated, my heads spinning now looking at all these bikes!

The bike will be used for training and competing.


  • Mister W
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    Anything from any of the big manufacturers will be fine. None of them make rubbish bikes so pick the one you like the best. But make sure you get the bike fitted properly as a bike that's too big or small will ruin your enjoyment and slow you down.