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TI Raleigh reynolds 753 tubing.

TOPAZ06TOPAZ06 Posts: 13
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Someone just asked me how much I want for this but I'm not really sure any suggestions appreciated,

I've got a genuine Raleigh with Reynold's 753 tubing sitting in my garage, it's got Campag chainset and levers Cinelli bars Shimano front and rear mechs, Galli brakes (I've got brand new replacement non aero brake hoods that I bought 1 1/2 years ago when planning a rebuild but bought a new Spesh instead) and Mavic GP4 wheels and first generation Look pedals in very good condition (bit of history in themselves). I had it resprayed by Maye's bike shop in Co Meath in the late eighties but rode it very little after, theres some light superficial rust so it does need a respray.
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  • GarethPJGarethPJ Posts: 295
    Have you tried ? Sounds right up their street.
  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    Is your frame an Ilkeston special products build one? You can tell this by the frame number.Is it finished in the old Raleigh team colours Red/Black? This all effects the price. If you could post some pictures it would help.
    To give you a rough idea .I sold this for just over a £100.Frame and forks + head set.[email protected] ... 675787816/
    Raleigh 753 Ilkeston built.Finished in team colours I have seen them fetch £200 +.
    The some total of the parts is often worth more than the whole.
  • KM2KM2 Posts: 147
    I sold an original 753 with120mm ends for £200 over a year ago to a dealer. That's frame and forks + super record h/set.
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