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Hi there,

I've found the Masi 3VC volumetrica road bikes very attractive in terms of the outlook, weight and price. Since it's ridden by a pro team, I reckon that they have a decent performance. Does anyone here own a Masi 3VC and be kind to share your thoughts on this bicycle? I'm a little hesitant because I read a review from another website that claims a 90kg user cracked the down tube for his Masi 3VC frame.

Thanks very much for your help!!!


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    FWIW Masi don't actually make the frame - it's a badged up Taiwanese frame sold under a huge variety of brand names - doesn't means it's bad, but don't pay a premium.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks very much for the info :D
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    That could be said of any number of frames.... if you want views on Masi's, you should check some of the more US orientated forums. The team riding Masi is Team Inferno, which iirc mostly focuses on crits. They are a good team, but they are not Quickstep :)
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    There are two companies,one is Massi and the other is Masi,the first sells the rebadged Far Eastern frames the second is something different....

  • I upgraded on warranty from another Masi where I snapped the rear triangle to a 3VC. The bike is stiff, compliant, responsive, and fun as hell. I'm racing the frame in road races (Boulder Roubaix, etc), crits, and just general riding (on smooth asphalt, broken asphalt, dirt, and gravel backroads).
    The Masi frames now are not the Masi frames of old tales, when Falerio had a shop under the velodrome. That said the Masi carbon frames are built using the same high mod carbon, glass, glues, and factory as the Cervelo frames. This was passed on at interbike from the Cervelo rep as well as others, so the quality assurance and attention to detail are excellent. What the Inferno Team is riding is the same 3VC Team Issue listed on the Masi website. Try it out at a shop, it's fun, especially w/high spoke count wheels and 25c open tubulars.