Is my bike too small?

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When doing a very tight turn on my bike the other day i noticed the front of my shoe touched the front wheel as i made the turn.

Does this mean my bike is too small?


  • alfablue
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    No, it is normal on many bikes - depends on the geometry. It only happens at slow speed because you don't turn the bars to any extent when travelling at normal speeds. It happens on 2 of my 3 bikes, they all fit fine.
  • redddraggon
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    It's called toe overlap, all my bikes have toe overlap, and one of them is slightly too big for me if anything.

    Toe overlap is normal with bikes with short wheelbases.
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  • ride_whenever
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    in all likelyhood, you are too small for your wheelsize!

    It isn't really an issue though, unless you're riding a fixed gear bike at low speeds round corners.
  • alp777
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    Cheers guys.....the answers i wanted to hear and from 3 of the more experienced forum members :D