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BeOne Nirvana Custom (budget full susser)

markc123markc123 Posts: 4
edited April 2009 in Your mountain bikes
So here it is: my new bike. It's not actually new though - its just the frame that I bought from CRC with all the bits from the Rockhopper on it.


The frame is a BeOne Nirvana 1.0 with 100mm rear travel, linkage operated RockShox Monarch 3.3 air shock. I made an impulse buy here - this is the frame that BeOne use on their £2k full susser, but in the sale at CRC for £260 (was £699). Seemed like a bargain and I have been wanting full sus for a while so I went for it.

First impressions are good - the frame is nicely welded, and looks like it should be mega strong. The shock seems to do its job - I'm new to this air stuff so time will tell. All the XC stuff seems to not have coils these days ;-(. The frame weighs 2.9kg which i guess is OK - the Rockhopper frame was 1.8kg in comparision.

The build was easy enough as all the parts from the rockhopper fitted without issue. The frame was supplied with a Richey integrated headset and an allen key seat post clamp. I ditched that for QR anyway. I was tempted by a new chainset, but no more cash right now. This means I'm still about 5 years behind with my square taper BB! The rear disc mount was straight as well which is a bonus with my very picky Hope 4 pots.

Heres the rough Spec Anyway:

BeOne Nirvana 1.0 frame
RockShox Monarch 3.3
RockShox Tora 318 (coils)
Hope Enduro 4 brakes (205/185)
Charge Spoon Saddle<
Rest is all 2003 Rockhopper<

Hopefully get down to Llandegla for a shake down tomo. I already had to nip out to Halfrauds for a shock pump. Not bad at £20 - wiggle wanted the same and I would still have a flat shock until Tuesday....


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