Calling all Sirrus owners!

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Thinking of swaping my Roubiax pro for a Sirrus Pro as I like the geometry and flat bars better.

Can any "owners" of the Sirrus tell be if its a good bike for doing average trips of say around 50 miles say 2-3 times a week?

I love the feel of my mountain bike, ie easier to navigate through traffic and thought the Sirrus would be a good compromise?

Any feedback appreciated




  • chuckcork
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    I'd say that the flat bars, while good over a short distance, start to become problematic over a longer one. Having done a few club rides on my 2005 Sirrus Elite, the amount of vibration, and the lack of alternative hand positions, became a bit tiring. Also the Sirrus has a more upright riding position, not so great when into a headwind!

    The Sirrus is I think an urban road bike, if you are doing longer distances then perhaps a conventional road bike is better.
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