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If you have GPS check this out

ianjayteeianjaytee Posts: 46
edited April 2009 in Tour & expedition
Found this great site for route planning, mapping and gpx conversions to all different files


  • richaricha Posts: 2,020
    Very frustrated. Can't get this site to work. It say that the .crs is transfered but I can't find it on the edge (routes or courses)...

    Any ideas.
  • MoanerMoaner Posts: 117
    I save it as file, import that into training centre, then download it to the garmin. I only found the site a few days ago so I've not a chance to follow the course, but it looks as though the conversion worked ok.
  • richaricha Posts: 2,020
    Away from home so no access to training centre. In theory the edge should be able to communicate with the www via Garmin Comunicator.
  • Hi
    I came across this site on which you can up/download GPS tracks from all around the world. There is even a layer in GOOGLE EARTH that can show you where routes are.
    I will be uploading routes in my area over the coming season. (now I know how to record tracks etc.)
    My playground is the Alps, come and join me!
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