What do you do to help improve cycling safety / facilities?

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For me, DDD's original post on his "cycling isn't cool anymore" thread http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12616907&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 raised an interesting issue -
DonDaddyD wrote:
Now don't get me wrong, the more cyclists the better. But not if it means exploiting it and reducing it into something the fashion concious can digest.

First Top Shop launches a 'fashion cycling range' now Alan Sugar on a Pinarello. I don't doubt he is enthusiastic, but come on! Yes the publicity is good but while cycling is getting all the iPod/Scooter sensational levels of publicity - with every celebrity is coming out of the woodwork on their bikes. The real issues such as road safety, more awareness of cyclists, better facilities and a proper cycling network of cycle lanes I feel is being over looked.

I personally thought the issue of how to improve safety & facilities was worth exploring but the thread majored on the question of "cool".

Within a few months of getting into serious weekend riding I had an accident - coming off a roundabout with a car right behind me I turned onto a dedicated cyclepath and BANG! The cyclepath started with a 2 inch kerb :shock: so when finding out who to complain to (LA or TfL - still don't actually know!) I came across and joined a campaigning group. However it has only a handful of active members, is marginalised by the council who occassionally try to drown it in detailed single scheme plans and keep it well clear of wider strategic and policy issues. However I've staid involved and hope I'm making a small financial and active difference.

So, my questions to you are what do you do, and could the higher profile cycling is getting be used to better conditions for all oif us.

As exam papers used to say, discuss!
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  • Jay dubbleU
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    I regularly report problems such as glass, potholes etc to my local council - never thought of joining a group - not really a political animal
  • Crapaud
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    I regularly report problems such as glass, potholes etc to my local council - never thought of joining a group - not really a political animal
    You needen't be an active member. It's a lobbying operation that'll work best with weight of numbers; the greater the membership the more likely that a council'll take notice. After all, cyclists are voters / tax payers as well.
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  • To date there are only 10 votes. Is this issue really of such little interest to cycle commuters? No wonder the police and highway authorities don't give a damn about our safety or facilities.

    I accept it was posted at the start of a long bank holiday weekend but it did fall to bottom half of page 2 pretty quick. :( Disappointing folks
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  • roger_merriman
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    i don't really have much if any issue on the bike, to be honest, i ride it though traffic much like a car so i really don't have a need for provistions as such.

    Sustrans i've seen how they work so i'd not touch them with some elses 6ft pole...
  • lost_in_thought
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    TBH, the issues with cyclepaths like TCS mentions are the reason why I don't use cycle paths...
  • Christophe3967
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    Just voted. The single biggest threat to my safety on the roads is potholes imo. They are inherently dangerous anyway but mean that you spend too much time looking at the road rather than what's ahead of you. Cycle paths aren't particularly relevant to me ordinarily, but I do feel that more should be done to improve them to encourage people out of their cars. I belong to the LCC but don't agree with some of their views e.g. motorbikes in bus lanes.
  • mr_hippo
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    Although traffic in Bangkok is chaotic, it all seems to mesh. I normally cycle about 300kms/week in Bangkok and the surrounding area; most drivers see Thais on their £9 Tesco specials in the side streets and very few cyclists like me.
    I've always been a believer in the saying about catching more flies with honey. About 2 years ago, I started producing a series of cards that I hand out to motorists, cabbies and bus drivers
    It asks them to give cyclists room, do not cut in and to be careful opening doors. Have they had any effect? I now get less minor incidents, bus and taxi drivers seem to give me a wide berth and 'toot' when they pass me.
    I've also had a few surprises;-
    Drivers have bought me cups of coffee
    At one busy intersection, I have had a police mototcycle escort over a flyover where cyclists are not allowed
    All staff at my first coffee stop greet me by name and are asked by the public "Is he someone famous?"
    On my first visit to the village of Nong Jok, I ws asked "Are you Mr Hippo?", it tuerned out that I had given a card to one of her friends.
  • gtvlusso
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    CTC member.....And I am very vocal to drivers who have violated me in some small way, although this does not count!