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I've made a couple of posts but as well saying hello proper now as I've finally got my bike. Picked up a Scott Aspect 20 the other day. My last bike was easy 15-16 years ago.... some crazy Peugot thing (from the time those fluorescent orange/yellow bikes were all the rage and weight more than your average washing machine and the idea of suspension on your bike was pipe dream for the average child) so it does feel like having to pretty much learn the basics again from scratch....I haven't even been able to wheelie/manual the thing yet hahahaha....still despite being terrified every time I go on the thing I'm enjoying it already :D
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  • King DonutKing Donut Posts: 498
    Enjoying it is the best thing you can do! Everything else will come after that. Good luck!
  • Pik n MixPik n Mix Posts: 39
    Hello Matey :)

    im a nub to the forums too but my riding skills are ok, good luck with getting your skills back.... you know it wont be long till its all flooding back.

  • montevideoguymontevideoguy Posts: 2,271
    The thing that gets me is the lightness of it... Going by what I've read as well my ride is meant to be one of the heavier ones (compared to those £1500+ machines) :D
    Formally known as Coatbridgeguy
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