Recommend a Road Bike for Commuting...

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I've decided that I'm going to take the plunge when get back from my holidays and get a Road Bike that I will use over the summer months to get too and from work. I've been tooing and fro-ing with the idea for a month or two, but watching this chap in front of me this morning has completely swung me round, because the effort he was putting in was minimal for the speed he was getting, and I was pedalling like a freak to keep up with him!

I can't afford to be stupid and spend £1,000+ all at once on a bike, but should have no problems being able to pay £20 - £25 a month through Wiggles finances (this works out at around £600 to £800 for the bike)

I currently take my daughter too and from Nursery on by Felt QX80 Hybrid (I know, I know... But Evans recommended it as I was new to cycling) - will that be a problem with a road bike (I can always drive her to nursery with my bike on the bike rack, and leave my car at nursery if this is a problem.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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