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StuwwStuww Posts: 203
edited April 2009 in Commuting chat
I've just spotted these handlebars they are on a Giant Escape Mini Zero.

Not being a huge fan of the drop bars on my Specialized Tricross I was wondering if a set of these may be a good option....

Does anyone know where I can get some from?




  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    They look identical to my cheap drop bars which I flipped upside down and cut the drops off. For commuting I was never using the drops anyway so figured I could save a bit of weight.
  • always_tyredalways_tyred Posts: 4,965
    Ah, bullhorn bars.

    Buy yourself a single speed fashion bike from ebay that someone has realised they can't really be bothered to use, take the bar off it and throw the remains into a canal.

    .....Or look on a few web cycle shops for tt-base bars.
  • StuwwStuww Posts: 203
    El Gordo.... I may just get out the angle grinder this weekend!! Great idea!
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