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Southern Belguim, Lux and Germany

CazMacCazMac Posts: 15
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This May I am looking at doing some touring through southern Belguim into Luxembourg. What is it like touring in this area are there good cyle routes and things to see ?

Then on into Germany on the rhine gorge and down into the black forest ( maybe might go into a bit of france here !) and across to Lake Constance.

What is it like cycling in these areas are there cycle routes to follow ? lots to see and camp grounds a plenty ?


  • kozzokozzo Posts: 182
    Stavelot (nice museum), Coo, Spa (tour of famous sources).

    Superb roads and good climbing exercise for biker

    Barvaux-Sur-Ourthe Labirynthus is really great fun (mazes made out of shaped hedges; a new route is introduced every year)
  • BodhbhBodhbh Posts: 117
    I was criss-crossing the German-Belgian border heading South to a friend in Karlsruhe last year, I didn't really have a decent map so just finding cycling paths as I came across them. Seemed plenty on the German side, but none on the Belgian - although like I say, I didn't have a map.

    Really nice ride, pretty hilly, and just gets better the further South you get. Highlights for me where crossing the Haute Fagne plateau, constant flow of great beer (either Belgian or German, like a pig in muck) and the Pfalz Forest and coming down onto the wineroad just west of Karlsrule. Trier was good for a visit too. I didn't make it to Luxemburg which was a bit far West.
  • FlavioFlavio Posts: 15
    Cycle paths in Germany? It's a paradise!
    Last summer we rode from Lake Garda to Vienna and Amsterdam: always real cycle paths or very secundary roads with no traffic.
    For exhample Rhein-Radweg goes from Rotterdam to Lake Constance.
    I put some news in my website:
    Bicycle tour Lake Garda - Vienna - Frankfurt - Amsterdam: maps
    Bicycle tour Lake Garda - Vienna - Frankfurt - Amsterdam: diary
    Campings are frequent. Esterbauer guides have excellent maps of the paths, with camping locations too. From Luxembourg you could follow Mosel-Radweg and Rhein-Radweg, to arrive to the lake all along river cycle paths.
    If you need other informations please tell me.
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