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Back wheel rubbing and "squealing" brakes...

poolieboydavepoolieboydave Posts: 20
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Hi Guys and Girls.

I have a 2008 Boardman Hybrid Team which is fitted with Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes. Had it since November and averaging approx 35 miles per week so nothing too heavy.

I'm having a bit of a problem with the back wheel/brake. If it lift the back of the bike and spin the back wheel there is a rubbing noise coming from the back brake (i.e. the back wheel isn't running freely, the front one with the same braking system is fine).

It sounds like in one spot the rotor is scraping against the brake. Any suggestions how to stop it doing this?

Also whenver I use the back brake there is a fairly terrible squeaking noise and it judders a bit. I know this was mentioned in the review of the bike I read on this site. I assume the two problems are linked, any suggestions or just whack it back to Halfords/LBS?




  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    Is the rotor bent? Is your wheel true?

    I have the same problem with Avid BB5 front brakes on my commuter bike. When I spin the wheel, the wheel itself looks true but the rotor has a slight warp and snags on the brake pads. I have to dial the pads back a touch to get the wheel to rotate freely.
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  • I haven't noticed any warping of the rotor and I think the wheel is true (any foolproof way of checking?).

    How do I adjust the pads?

  • cccccc Posts: 193
    I'm having the exact same problem with my Juicy Threes on my Commencal Combi S. I've only had the bike for a few weeks and it started about a week after I got it.

    Any advice would be a great help.

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