Cannondale Bad Boy - tyres and bottom bracket

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Hello gents

First post here so go easy on me. I commute to work on my bad boy and its been great for the last 2 years. I've just replaced the chain and cassette due to wear and it was looking like it would die any second. I also replaced them because of a clicking noise when applying pressure to the crank/pedals... but after riding into work today, the clicking noise is still there(even though the gear change is sweeter and the ride smoother)... so I guess I have to change the bottom bracket.

Problem is I don't know the size... I am pretty clueless on the technical side of bikes.
The guy at the shop said I have to take it out to see, but I need it for work... Chicken and egg situation. Does anyone have any ideas what size I need?

Also I have a problem with regards my front tyre. For some reason it has deformed and has got an annoying kink in it, making the front wheel feel like its egg shaped. I only want to replace 1 tyre but cannot find 700 x 28c Maxxis Detonators anywhere... Any suggestions if I can get them anywhere or whether I should swap both tyres for something else?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


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    You can mix and match tyres, should be fine. I have a 23mm front and 25mm rear on my Trek and it rides well.

    (It's definitely the tyre and not the wheel itself with the problem, you're sure?)
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    Don't know if you have seen this site already, but its a good first stop

    Regarding tyres, I use 700 X 32 Schwalbe Marathons on the rear and 700 X 30 Schwalbe Marathon Racers on the front
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    Cheers guys.

    I can'tr see anything wrong with the wheel at all. It looks both true and free of dents.

    Any ideas on the Bottom Bracket?
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    It could just need a clean. Or it could be the cranks/pedals rather than the bracket - linoue's link is gold for trying to figure it out.
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    Thanks for your help guys. Tonight I took it to see a mate who is into his bikes and fixes alot of them. He initially thought it was the crank that needs tightening... so we did that and it still creaked/clicked. We then tried some different pedals and it still creaked/clicked...

    I am going to give the bike a damn good clean and lube then try again.

    Next job is a new BB for £13.

    Can anyone suggest a good lube for re-assembly?