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JonsquiresJonsquires Posts: 33
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Hello was thinking about a Kona Blast 09 or the deluxe version has any one got anythoughts as reviews seem quite thin on the gorund. Is the delux version wrtht he exxtra money. I'll be using it for trails mainly nothing too hardcore like big jumps or racing or anything like that. ...



  • Banned!Banned! Posts: 34
    the blast is slightly overbuilt for what youre gonna use it for. norco do some nice hardtails around that price that are better suited and better specced too.
  • I've got a Blast (2006) not delux, bought it for £400 after the 2007 bikes had come out - Personally I love it. I've upgraded quite a few parts since buying it and I wont be getting rid of it any time soon!

    Spec wise, I just had a quick look at the '09 models and the delux has hydraulic discs over cable and a 9 speed cassette over 8 speed on the normal model. So, the delux is obviously better but, if you can get an '08 delux in your size, you'll get a better spec at a lower price than the '09 standard model!

    Other people will say that there are better bikes for the money and it may be true - I think this is why they get overlooked in reviews and stuff, but I'm happy knowing that I've got a decent, comfy frame that suits my ride and at the end of the day, components can always be upgraded! :D
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Blast '08 had some really good reviews (I think it won the MBR dirty dozen). Best thing to do is to try one out at an LBS.

    Personally I'd pay the extra for the deluxe as I'd prefer the hydraulic brakes and deore drivetrain.
  • Whicever one you buy, you will love it kona's are awesome, I just nailed evryone I came across on my local trail on my 5 yr old dawg matic without even trying because it is so awesome :wink: lol
  • rmxxrmxx Posts: 1
    i have a kona blast deluxe 09 and i love it. i had a crash on it and it has still got no problems, the pedals are not very good on it but thats it. the extra money for the brakes is worth it :D
  • Touching konas achieves instant orgasm.
  • NoizetekNoizetek Posts: 98
    I went and bought a Kona Blast Deluxe '08 about 4 months ago, just getting back into the sport...I try and get out on it at least 4 - 5 times a week and its spot on...suprisingly well on both road and off road, managed to throw it down Jacobs Ladder in Edale no problem! Excellent bike, I would definitly reccomend it!
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