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Hello, need some help, I'm doing the devon coast to coast next month, 140miles of which 50% are muddy bridleways - I want to get some tyres that have great traction on boggy terrain but also low friction on the road - any thoughts?

All advice much appreciated.


  • Depends just how boggy you are talking. My Racing Ralphs are pretty fast rolling, but dead grippy too. If it looks fairly muddy, I have an explorer pro I stick on the front. If it's a full on mudfest, then I go for mud-x front and rear and lose a bit of speed on the road.
    But that's just what suits me personally.
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    good in the mud and on the road? ah the holy grail of tyres :D:D:D:D

    going to have to compromise somewhere...maybe a racing ralph/nobby nic combo?

    or get the slimmer high rollers.
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    I want to get some tyres that have great traction on boggy terrain but also low friction on the road - any thoughts?
    'Proper' mud tyres are awful on the road. For the kind of journey you're planning some decent all-rounders - e.g High Rollers - would see you through most things.

    As said above, Racing Ralphs are very fast rolling and curiously grippy on a wide variety of terrain but somewhat fragile, especially the narrower widths. I also find it's difficult to get the pressure just right on narrower Ralphs and Nics - they are either pinch-flatting all over the place or pinging off rocks and roots. The wider sizes are much better.
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    narower high rollers are pretty good on both mud and on the road, bewere though, i find Maxxis are quite narrow for quoted width, for e.g. 2.1 is much narrower thanm on tiogas, or continentals for e.g.
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    I've just been out on some new Maxxis AdVantage and have been really impressed with them. They roll slightly faster than High Rollers in my opinion. Maxxis tyres vary greatly in size, the 2.25 AdVantage is easily as wide as a 2.35 High Roller. You should have a look at the Continental Speed Kings as well, not so great in mud but grippy enough and fast rolling. Trouble is anything that works well in the mud will be slooooooooow on the road.
  • I can vouch for the continental speed kings, I was a bit concerned heading off to a wet hamsterley forest earlier but was too lazy to change my tyres but they coped really well I was amazed !! Mine are 2.1's by the way and I recommend them, think there slightly cheaper than high rollers/racing ralphs but I could be wrong im too lazy to check . :roll:
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    i got maxxis advantages on ma xc rg on theyre fine on tarmac rock and wet forest tracks with mud every where theyre really gd for the price!!
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  • thanks for all your advice on the holy grail - tyres good in the mud and on the road - I'll have a look at the Maxxis advantages and the continental speed kings - nice one. Anyone done the Devon coast to coast by the way (the mtb course) that is.
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  • The only thing I will say is the speed kings seemed to wear down quite quick the centre treads last year when i used the bike for getting to work and done a lot of it on the roads, but to be honest even so they still work surprisingly well and have good cornering traction.