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Hi All from a noobie ...

cubby@cartorquecubby@cartorque Posts: 161
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Hi all, im new to mountain biking, just got myself sorted with a Trek 4300 D ....

Looking forward to hitting some trails real soon,

Also been looking at a under saddle bag/pouch and i have seen the Topeak Compact Survival Tool Wedge Pack and was wondering what your views were on this item ... ?


  • Banned!Banned! Posts: 34
    if it has the tools you need and its not too heavy or spendy then get it. it wieghs very little and it can mean the difference between a great day out and a total disaster.
  • Hi Jesus ... cheers for the reply .... £18 including p+p, with all the tools yeah, dont know what the wieght is tho on the full package ...
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069

    personally I prefer to carry my tools in my hydration pack, things can get a bit cruddy under the seat, even with a mudguard. Personal choice though, either way get some tyre levers, chain tool and at a minimum a 4 & 5mm allen key. Is it big enough to pop in a spare inner tube / couple of cable ties (you can bodge a lot with cable ties :wink: )?
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