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New project bike: GT Zaskar LE 1995

girv73girv73 Posts: 842
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In the mid 90's I did a lot of mountain biking. I was out in the mud most weekends with the uni MTB club and even entered a few races. I built a high spec (for the time), hardtail XC bike around the GT Zaskar LE aluminium frameset. But I left university, life got more complicated, the mountain biking fell away and the Zaskar was confined to storage where I couldn't even see it.

Now, more than a decade later, it's back!

(click for more pictures)

A cursory inspection reveals a lot of crud on everything and it'll all need a thorough strip down & lube. Nothing seems to have seized but there's some corrosion on one of the fork legs, which is a worry. It's also a 7-speed transmission so I'm stuffed if any part of it breaks or wears out!

Now I just have to see what the missus will allow me to buy to get the Zask back into the mud :roll:
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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,508
    The corrosion appears to be just a spot of surface rust. If not, have a word with Pace, they may either have a stanchion tube knocking about or be willing to knock one up for you.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    re the seven speed you are not that stuffed. it is out there.
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  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    @whyamihere yes, the corrosion looks pretty superficial, I'll give it a rub down with some WD40 and see what happens. Good to know Pace are friendly like that though, thanks.

    @nicklouse I see that now! I had just assumed 7-speed parts had gone the way of the dinosaurs. They're pretty cheap too :)

    I'm hoping this bike won't need more than a clean and lube and some new brake pads.

    I'm pondering a disc brake conversion though. The frame is designed for canti brakes; I've managed to bodge v-brakes on to it, but the rear is a little iffy as the cable routing can't be perfect.

    Given that the Pace RC36 forks I have are from 1995 or so, how do you think they'd compare performance-wise to the cheapy Suntour XC 100 LO forks I took off my commuter bike? The Suntours have disc mounts where the Pace don't you see. I need to check they'll fit as well, of course.

    Is there such a thing as a disc brake adapter for forks, so you can retrofit discs on a non-disc fork? I've seen them for the rear, but never for the front.
    Today is a good day to ride
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