My First Attempt At A Trail

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Yes the day came :) I decided to cycle to a trail that the guys in the local bike shop had been telling me about. The cycle there is uphill all the way so I was pretty tired when I got there (4 miles) as I have only been riding for 3 weeks.

That said, and too my surprise, after a mini mars bar and a 5 minute rest I was ready to go :)

The trail is in Kent, in Breadhurst woods to be precise. I bit I dont was not all that long, probably about 2 miles, but it was my first go.

The first bit was slightly down hill, it then dropped off to a fairly steep path, rocks, roots, bit of mud, I had experienced nothing like it to be honest and was not sure what to do. In the end i thought, just go for it, so I did, I just bombed it down the path, not as fast as I could, but as fast as I felt comfortable with.

what surprised me in my short time of cycling is that I was looking ahead for objects, trying to plan my path round obstacles. it was great fun. then the not so fun bit.....

Yep, what goes down must come up. I had never used gear one before today. Jesus Christ it was hard work, especially trying to pick out a route that was not so rocky :)

Result? I done it, but I was wasted by the top.

I had another 5 minute rest and carried on. the terrain was flat for about 1/4 mile, it was good though cos the terrain was under the canopy of tree's, therefore the ground was a bit more loose where it had not dried out, some of the track was boggy, so picking a route round these area's was great, having to go into the woods.

After this section it was down hill again, this time I started to pull the handle bars up when i came to roots etc, I also went a lot faster down this section.

the bottom came all too soon and I began the 4 mile cycle home, thankfully down hill.

I am surprised because that was by hardest workout. My legs don't feel too bad though, so I must be doing something right.

Really enjoyed myself, it was excellent. I was even more impressed with the bike, it just coped with everything, not a complaint, parts of the rocky terrain where i though to myself I may have an accident the bike just ploughed on through. Its a Scott Spark 35.

Love it. Want to do lots more. Cant wait until tomorrow.
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    Bitten :lol:
    Bikes are drugs and Im pedalling
  • ShaggyRS6
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    I just ordered:

    1 of Crank Brothers 19 Function Multitool - Silver
    1 of Rock N Roll Gold Lubricant 4oz
    1 of Park Tools Puncture Repair Kit Super Patch -
    1 of AMK Ultralight And Watertight 3 First Aid Kit -

    I think I may be doing a lot more riding :)
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    Fantastic Post!!
  • Awesome read :)

    So did you go back today then? or did you wake up and find bits of your body hurting that you never knew could hurt? :lol:
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    No I did not go back today for 2 reasons:

    Firstly i am a stickler when it comes to keeping expensive things in good shape. So like my car, at the sign of dirt the bike gets washed. There was a new edition to this wash though, I had bought some spray that you apply after you have washed the bike that repels water. Mr Know It All About Bikes In 3 Weeks applied it everywhere, without reading the instructions, yes, even on the brakes :)

    Luckily it was due its first complementary service, so the bike spent best part of the day there, they had to sand the Pads down to get all the oil off. the result is its like having new brakes i.e. they dont work, so I am bedding them in again.

    Secondly, Yes I really do hurt today, so much more than riding 10 miles a day on the flat. New bits of me hurt. the back of my thighs, the bottom of my calf's. i ache like a (beeeeep) That said I went out this evening for a quick 4 miles. Reason? Well I have a Cats Eye computer on the bike now, which is good, however, i wanted something that would enable me to plot my routes, I wanted something that would show my climbs and it just so happens that the guy in the bike shop has a Second Hand (Very good condition) Garmin Edge 305. He has let me borrow it for a week to see how I get on. Its great, really good. Not plugged it into my PC yet, but just about too. It comes with a Cadence and Heart Monitor as well.

    My question is (and this might not be the right place) I was thinking about the 705 before this opportunity came along. I just wondering what advantage that has over the 305 apart from the obvious mapping feature.
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