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Hi all, just been reading the posts about saddles and their fit. I was wondering if there is a way of getting 'sized' for a saddle - how does one know if a saddle will 'fit' ones bum as it were!

I used to have a Selle San Marco Blaze, which was comfy, then upgraded to a Fizik Arione. It's noticeably harder, and the material is smoother (making it almost slippery, if that makes any sense?), but after 200+miles it's quite comfy and the slippery thing is quite handy sometimes (you don't get hooked up when stepping down at the lights etc.).

Any thoughts? Particularly on saddle sizing techniques?


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    Best way I've heard of is the Specialized bum sizer method. Pop into your local Spesh dealer and they should have one of the saddle sizer pad things for you to sit on. Basically you sit on it for a few minutes and you sit bones leave an indentation in the gel. Dealer then measures and can tell you what size of saddle you need. Easy!
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    Sit on a piece of corrugated cardboard and raise your legs a little, you will find two nice indentations from your sit bones. Also it provides amusement to the family watching you :D
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    As well as the Specialized Body Geometry measuring Ibelieve Bontrager have a similar system measuring their saddles.
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    My LBS has a scheme whereby you can borrow a particular saddle and if it/you are agreeable with each other you can purchase that model, if not try another one.
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    Thanks for the advice! I'll pop into my nearest spesh dealer and try out their bum sizer!
    Now, just need to find some corrugated cardboard... :D
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    you don't need card in particular - what you are looking for is something you can leave an indent in

    you can use any form of powder (flour/sugar/salt). Tip some into a plastic bag - flatten it out so there is a thinnish even covering and sit atop of it on something hard.

    This tells you how far apart your sit bones are - but these are only one part of the comfort equation - as depending on your riding position you might not be resting on these, or only on them some of the time.
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    Just a thought - should I be wearing cycling shorts(padded of course) or just 'bare' (boxers/unpadded lycra/underwear etc) for the test?
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    Went to the local Spesh store and got my bum sized- both on the Spesh and Bontrager sizing pads.
    Thanks for the suggestions and all the tips.
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    bare :)

    (the padding on the shorts won't help the sit bones make nice clean indentations)