MTB clipless pedals on Road Bike and vice versa?

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Can you use clip less pedals for both bikes or are they specific to each other? If you can what's difference between them?


  • Yep!

    I originally fitted road pedals (Shimano A520 single sided) but didn't like em' so fitted the same as I have on my MTB, Shimano M540, prefer the double sided.

    Horses for courses I s'pose?
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  • Mister W
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    I had SPDs on my road bike for a year before I changed to SPD-SL and I still use them on my fixie. They're fine for road use and occasional racing.
  • rally200
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    I have a520 on the road bike

    & m324 (cage/platform one side & spr the other) on the commuter/hybrid

    can recommend both - a520 for training/fitness rides , m324 if you want to wear normal shoes occasionally