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Bike Radar carousel short of ideas

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
C'mon guys, the latest feature on Lester Noble from Orange was rehashed journalism ripped from MBUK and pictured up to hide the cracks.

Now I understand that the internet is a demanding industry and Google is an information rich search engine, but that's no excuse to stick up rehashed stuff.

There's a better way to do it, but you guys don't need me to tell you. I'm sure your traffics great, but over time you will learn that it's the quality of traffic that matters more. Before I found the carousel a very clickable section of the site, but not anymore.

Individual bike reviews mean nothing as the lack context (bike comparisons)

1 - When putting a bike review on the carousel, why not do a multi-image article using the current review and perhaps comparing it with similar bikes from your review index. You could make it more interactive (have a poll vote)

2 - If you have to rehash print content then stick to the correct timelines. By sticking up a feature on your carousel, you're telling your audience that the piece is fresh and a big deal. As of late this has not always been the case. Be more selective about what 's good enough for the homepage carousel. It should be a well thought out big deal.

3 - Try doing some numerical format articles, top 10s, 10 reasons to do, top 5 worst crashes, bike of the week

4 - I saw a picture caption comp on MBUK (print is always a bad place to do captions but online is perfect. With race season on the horizon there should be a wealth of funny pics that you can get your hands on.

5 - Try doing a UCI Downhill race predictor perhaps discussing who's fave to win and best suited to the course



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