New Ultegra

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Anyone know if the cable pull at the rear is the same as the old Ultegra? I want to know if it'll mix and match with the old stuff without any problems.

<edit> Cable pull at the fornt I mean, i.e. have they made it the same as the latest Dura Ace? Same question for the brake cable pull as well - I can't find i in any of the press releases.


  • barrybaines
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    This any good?

    Looks like the cables are hidden like the new DA stuff
  • dennisn
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    I read somewhere that for DA the brakes were a bit different and you needed to
    buy new DA shifters / levers because the 7900 brakes were matched to 7900
    levers and wouldn't work as well with 7800 levers. Who knows? Could be just a ploy to
    get you to buy all new stuff. Don't know about the new Ultegra, looks nice though.
    Used to be "back in the good old days" that it didn't matter, Campy shifters on whatever
    and whatever brakes with whatever levers. Seemed to work well enough, but I ramble on. :wink::wink:

    Dennis Noward