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How To Guide?

ShaggyRS6ShaggyRS6 Posts: 247
edited April 2009 in MTB general

Are there any Mountain Bike Guides that show techniques? What I am worried about are big drops and climbs and how to approach them.
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  • Oh my days, you've clearly not been on the Bikeradar homepage have you?! :wink:

    This website is absolutely chock-a-block with technique guides (as are any of their magazines). These are seriously regular features!

    go here:
  • ShaggyRS6ShaggyRS6 Posts: 247
    Cheers mate, your right, I have never been to the homepage :) I should buy the mag I suppose.

    Thanks for the link
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  • AnderzzAnderzz Posts: 103

    have a good dvd which helps from basics to more tougher sections. I dunno if its worth the money as i borrowed it from a friend. But I got some good tips from it.

    The guy who runs through each section teaches in a good down to earth way and its based on trails that you or I will ride. (glentress)
  • hoochylalahoochylala Posts: 987
    +1 for the dirtschool dvd

    I got a copy when I started out, good bit of watching and something I just whack on now and again to brush up on some basic skills etc...
  • ShaggyRS6ShaggyRS6 Posts: 247
    Thanks Again
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